A Spicy Twist To Breakfast Burritos

Feliz lunes! It’s time to salsa down to Stratford or 4th Street because today we are breaking down everyone’s favorite Mexican dish. Hurry, as we like to say...the early bird gets the worm ;)

When Monday rolls around, the thought of getting out of bed to start the work week may feel exhausting. Maybe you are still working through the return to routine after that relaxing weekend and you don’t know where to begin with the overflowing inbox. Maybe all the motivation you had disappeared and you need some kind of kick start to the new week. Well, leave the scrambles to your eggs and fuel up with a VJC Quit Your Job burrito or Early Bird burrito for a nice, delectable plate of energizing comfort food. Because who says comfort food can’t be healthy?

The new VJC breakfast menu ranges from sweet and light yogurt bowls to traditional avocado toast but sometimes a heartier meal seems more appealing to kick off a Monday morning. Thankfully, VJC offers two savory burritos that clear up the “foggy” Monday mood. For this week’s #ManiFreshToMonday, let’s talk about these delicioso victuals, available gluten free, dairy free, and always here to get you that nutritional fiesta you need!

The Early Bird

The saying comes and goes, but if you order the Early Bird burrito, I can assure you, you will get that worm. This comida is served warm and wrapped with nourishing carbohydrates, fats, and protein to meet all your nutritional needs. The sweet potatoes and avocado offer a morning dose of fiber and healthy fat while the black beans ensure a solid amount of protein (roughly 15g per one cup!). The Early Bird also includes corn, green onion, cilantro, poblano salsa, and sriracha cashew cheese. I do warn you though...if spicy is not your flavor, beware of the jalapenos and sriracha drizzle on top. The spice will for sure kick your Monday into overdrive! As this dish is naturally vegan, the soy-free veggie sausage satisfies your “meaty” need while keeping that sodium intake low. But most importantly, you do not have to be vegan to enjoy this tasty breakfast!

Our tasty Early Bird breakfast burrito.   Lindley Battle Photography

Our tasty Early Bird breakfast burrito.

Lindley Battle Photography

Quit Your Job

If you are dealing with any work frustration, we advise that you come and start the morning off with the Quit Your Job burrito (instead of actually walking away from the office for good). This Mexican inspired meal unites scrambled eggs with mouthwatering bacon to satisfy those taste buds. Similar to the Early Bird, Quit Your Job has dairy-free sriracha cashew cheese, poblano salsa, and smooth avocado but with an addition of some tangy tomatoes. There is still the biting sriracha drizzle on top so make sure you are ready for this dose of Monday momentum ;).

Spice up your Monday with our Quit Your Job breakfast burrito.   Lindley Battle Photography

Spice up your Monday with our Quit Your Job breakfast burrito.

Lindley Battle Photography

Start your Monday with a breakfast burrito and be sure your week begins with the nutrition you need to conquer any challenge with a smile on your face!

VJC breakfast menu is available M-F 7 AM - 10:30 AM and all day Saturday and Sunday, 10 AM - 5 PM.