Take A Trip To Hawaii With These 3 Bowl

Photo: Lindley Battle Photography

Photo: Lindley Battle Photography

Vibrant sunsets, cool sand between your toes and beautiful crystal blue waters?

Someone grab the keys NOW

It’s not summer without a beach visit, but unfortunately, that's not always easily feasible living in the lovely Camel City.

However, we have a solution for your #beachfix without even stepping foot onto the sand.

Last fall, we launched our Poke Bowl menu, bringing you three Hawaiian inspired dishes to help make you feel like you are sitting on a beautiful Hawaiian beach for lunch.

'Ono grinds!

(HawAiian for “Delicious food”)

The zany name is actually pronounced “poh-kay” meaning “to cut crosswise into pieces.” Initially thought to be made with raw reef fish, sea salt, seaweed, and crushed candlenut from the native Polynesians, poke bowls are generally a raw dish, consisting of raw seafood, soy sauce, scallions and sesame oils. This exotic bowl is also a great healthy option due to all of the Omega 3s from fish intake for a happy heart.  A perfect, nutritious choice for that tropical fix. 

Which Poke Bowl should I grab? 

We have three delicious options for your poke bowl fix:

Photo: Lindley Battle Photography

Photo: Lindley Battle Photography

The Tropical Troubadour 

You’ll be transported to Maui with a bite of this bowl. With mango, and dragon fruit, you’ll be in a frenzy of tropical, sweet fruit. The Topical Troubadour also consists of sushi rice, cashews, seaweed salad, scallion and your choice of tuna or salmon with a choice of our 2 sauces. We recommend spicy cashew and the ginger soy!

Photo: Lindley Battle Photography

Photo: Lindley Battle Photography

The Cali Bowl

Right on! Take a ride through Malibu with this bowl of shredded carrots, avocado, and cucumbers; in no time your fresh California fix will be fulfilled. Our Cali bowl comes with sushi rice, your choice of tuna or salmon and two sauces, along with nori strips and sesame seeds.

Photo: Lindley Battle Photography

Photo: Lindley Battle Photography

The Seoul Bowl

Yes, we do believe this bowl nourishes the #Seoul. We crafted this poke bowl with sushi rice, tuna or salmon, two sauces (we recommend the Korean BBQ) and kimchi, nori, scallion, cucumber and red pepper. If you like a spicy kick to your meals, this is a great choice for you. 

What are you waiting for? Stop by 4th street for one of these mouthwatering poke bowls!

Photo: Lindley Battle Photography

Photo: Lindley Battle Photography

Did you know:

  • Octopus (tako) and mussels are two common options used in true Hawaiian poke bowls, alongside raw tuna.

  • Chef Sam Choy - an early seller of the Hawai’i Regional Cuisine movement can be thanked for bringing poke into our lives. He launched his first poke bowl contest in the 1990s to find who could be the most creative in their #poke creation. This contest still happens annually in March.

  • Weekly fish intake has been linked to a lower risk of stroke, depression and mental decline.

  • Seaweed (salad) is a great addition for proper thyroid function due to its natural souce of iodine

  • Dragon fruit is one of the few fruits with a great source of iron - making it a perfect choice to increase low iron levels.