Three New Sizzling Summer Cocktails

Picture this:

A breezy, warm, Friday summer evening. Home from work and a whole night ahead of you to sit back and unwind. Some friends and/or family want to celebrate the beautiful weather by enjoying a warm summer night in Winston-Salem and you are excited to spend it with company. However, one thing is missing:

A liquid refreshment with a little adult kick. 

Summer is a time to unwind and enjoy the tranquility of that longer twilight. And for your enjoyment, nothing beats a fresh cocktail as the sun lingers after 8 PM. But sometimes, it’s hard to come by a clean creation, rid of all of the extra junk that our body doesn't necessarily agree with it.

Well if you have been craving a healthy libation, Winston-Salem is coming to your rescue!

VJC has collaborated with three other restaurants in the Winston-Salem area to bring you fresh, healthy cocktails to celebrate the summer solstice with for these summer nights...

So Where Can I Get My Tasty Adult Beverage?

We’ve partnered with Alma Mexicana, Canteen, and The Porch to bring you three new summer cocktail specials: 

The Game Changer cocktail

The Game Changer cocktail

For The Greenie Enthusiast:

Head over to the Innovation Quarter and enjoy delicious Tacos Y Arroz or Los Ceviches at Alma Mexicana with their varied and, mouth watering Mexican cuisine! 

And for our greenie lover, have no fear. Together, we crafted the perfect after dinner drink, with our Game Changer green juice, Bombay Sapphire Gin, Orgeat, Contrato Bianco and Caraway seeds, you’ll still be getting those greens in while having a good time 😜.

Black Magic Juice and Tito’s Cocktail

Black Magic Juice and Tito’s Cocktail

For The Rabble Rouser:

Spice up a Friday night cocktail with Canteen’s Tito’s Creation. They are using our Black Magic juice with activated charcoal to mix with Cocchi Americano, Grand Marnier, simple syrup , lemon and lime to ensure a delightful time with friends! Grab an outside seat on 4th street and enjoy the time well spent.  

The Porch Margarita with our watermelon juice

The Porch Margarita with our watermelon juice

For The Citrus Sweetie:

Nothing beats the heat like fresh watermelon. So why can’t we make it into an enjoyable beverage? Stop by the OG - the Porch - and snag their special margarita! With a zesty combination of Watermelon, Jalapeno & Lime juice, Lunazul tequila, muddled jalapeno and lime, you’ll be thanking us later. 

Winston-Salem is a close knit community with amazing small business restaurants. We are happy to collaborate with these amazing restaurants and encourage you to stop by, patronize these incredible establishments and get that healthy kick in while you celebrate all summer has to offer here in Winston-Salem.