Stuff you should know...

Village Juice Co. is not a nut-free facility. We use a variety of nuts, seeds and legumes in our nut milks, smoothies and food. We cannot guarantee that guests with food or beverage allergies may not be exposed to allergens. If you have a food or beverage allergy, particularly to nuts or seeds, we recommend that you not dine with us. As such, please understand that Village Juice Co. cannot be responsible for any injury, loss or damage claimed by any guest with a food or beverage allergy who consumes our food or beverages, regardless of the circumstances.

Village Juice Co. sells fresh, raw, cold-pressed unpasteurized juices. Our juices, food and smoothies are all made with raw ingredients, and we do not pasteurize the final product. There is a risk in consuming fresh food, as bacteria could be present that could cause illness in persons who are elderly, pregnant or have compromised immune systems.

Village Juice Co. does not diagnose, treat or claim to heal illness. Individuals with serious illness and/or on prescription medications should seek external advice and recommendations before undergoing a cleanse or using our products. Women who are pregnant or nursing should not attempt a cleanse or consume unpasteurized products.