Channel those brainwaves with Mucuna Pruriens

We’ve all heard the story of Jack & The Beanstalk, the magical powers of beans. But, that’s just a story, a fable, because there’s no such thing as “magical beans”... right?

Yet, we may prove that assumption wrong today with another super ingredient that is hard to pronounce 😉.


Repeat after us: “Moo-choon-ah Pur-ends”. 

It may feel funny rolling off our tongues, and we are going to take a guess that most of you have never heard of Mucuna Pruriens. While it doesn’t seem like a common ingredient, this plant has actually been around for over two thousand years, and is widely used in an ancient traditional medicinal science practiced in India known as Ayurveda (learn about other ayurvedic medicine here). The English common name for this plant is Cowhage and it is usually found growing all over India and tropical places such as Africa. The name Mucuna Prurien - across different languages - refers to a velvet coating of hair that covers its seed pods. (Beware, if you are ever in contact with this plant, touching these “hairs” can cause serious irritation to skin.)

The healing remedies of Mucuna Prurien comes from the seed inside the viney plant and its most popular remedy starts with naturally occurring levodopa (L-dopa) component, the precursor of our neurotransmitter dopamine. The levodopa levels in Mucuna Prurien can be extracted and used as a protector because of its ability to cross the blood-brain-barrier and undergo conversion to dopamine and restoring neurotransmission. Dopamine - our “feel good” hormone - is vital for both our physical and emotional wellbeing so its important to support our neurological conversions with the help of Mucuna Prurien. Thank goodness for this brain booster!

Other healing properties of Mucuna Prurien are wide, with anti-diabetic properties, anti-parkinson properties, increased energy levels, supportive male infertility properties, improved sleep and lean muscle mass...the list goes on! But where can we quickly get this outstanding supplement?


You can buy Mucuna Prurien in powder form, but the quickest way to snag this vitality boosting treat is visiting our juice case here at Village Juice Company 😜. One of our favorite nut milks - Brainwaves - lives up to its name. We blended filter water, cashews, almonds, cacao powder, and dates for that creamy, heavenly flavor and added super powders, Mucuna Pruriens and Ashwagandha to ensure calming and brain boosting powers to your daily activities. For extra sweetness, we mixed vanilla bean and cinnamon. 

We can’t all climb a beanstalk to take on a giant, but when you need to take on those giant moments in your life, or if you just want a treat with some extra special healing properties come see us at VJC and give our Brainwaves nut milk a try!

Photo: Lindley Battle Photography

Jonathan Roten