How To Juice Cleanse

1. Determine What Kind of Eater You Are

The Green Eater
You eat organic produce and naturally farmed animals. You love your veggies, lentils, and nuts. You live by kale-anything (kale chips, kale smoothies, kale salads). If it is recycled you want it. You love going to organic food stores/farmers markets and get excited when its time to do your weekly grocery shopping.   3 days is probably enough pre-cleanse time for these types of eating habits.

The Calorie Counter
Your meals are calculated. Label facts mean more to you than the produce you are consuming. You watch what you eat during the week and let lose on the weekends. You hope this cleanse can jump-start you on a more consistent healthy track.  4 days pre-cleanse time

The Take Out Junkie
Your morning starts with a take-away coffee from Starbucks. Lunch is something from the deli/sushi bar down the street or a pre-packaged meal from your dining hall. Dinner is something you picked up on the way from home that you can throw in the microwave and eat quickly. Your days are nonstop from sunrise to sunset and, while you’re aware your diet it lacking in plant based foods, preparing a fresh and nutrient dense meal is the last thing on your mind. 5 days pre-cleanse time 

IMPORTANT: be honest with yourself – if you want a happy cleanse, preparation is key, which is why it is important to start by assessing your eating habits. Remember, we all live different lifestyles so the process is going to be different for you than it will be for your best friend, than it will be for your cat-loving neighbor down the street, and that is OK. 


2. Begin Your Pre-Cleanse

Phase out solid foods bit by bit every day; this will help your body adapt to eating less before it’s eating nothing.   The pre-cleanse (and post-cleanse for that matter) requires you to develop a vegan mindset for a few days. So if you’re not akin to eating more or less eating like a fluffy rabbit, sorry my friend because those shelves need to be stocked with fruits, veggies, broth, lentils and brown rice to get you going! Below are the phases we suggest. If you’re one of those “5-dayers” begin the flushing process earlier by eating vegan a few days prior. 

3 Days Prior: Try to eliminate red meat, dairy and processed foods first.

2 Days Prior: Phase out all meats and those tasty carbohydrates.

1 Day Prior: This is it! Get rid of everything except raw fruits and vegetables. 

3. The Grand Moment: Cleanse Away!

  1. Start your day with the heartiest juices (Black Magic, Pipe Dreams, Game Changer…)

  2. In the afternoon and late afternoon switch to the lighter juices (Great Hydrator, Coolcumber, Feisty Rabbit, or Whole Farm…)

  3. Nighttime is when you drink your nut milks – you’ll see how fulfilling these taste by the end of the day!

**As you go on drinking, you should notice that your taste buds become more in-tune to the flavors that pop out in the different juices.


  1. Chuck that java! If you’re an everyday coffee drinker, try and cut back earlier so you won’t undergo withdrawal effects during the cleanse. 

  2. Same goes for cigarettes. Smokers: minimize intake day-by-day so that when your juices come you will feel more confident.  


  1. For the extra kick, try yerba mate or green tea 

  2. Drink LOTS of water throughout the day to stay hydrated. 

  3. Add lemon to your water for an extra cleansing and flavor boost.  lemon is a natural diuretic and helps to keep things moving through the cleansing process


4. Keep It Going With a Post-Cleanse Attitude

Jonathan Roten