One ingredient to help ease your worries

Sometimes, those carefree lazy days of summer, are anything but.

Summer stress, travel, vacation planning, and entertaining can be more stressful than we like to think! Luckily, at VJC we have products that can help ease that summer slam of stress and anxiety.

A new wellness trend that has emerged with the development of Cannabidoil, or CBD. This oil may provide some relief to these daily stressors and help channel those wondrous human superpowers. Yes, this #SuperhumanSaturday, we want to talk about CBD oil - what it is, how it can help, and where you can get it.


CBD stands for cannabidiol and is directly derived from the hemp plant (we talked about the hemp plant here). While CBD is part of medical marijuana, it is important to understand that CBD itself, cannot cause a “high”. In this report, it is stated that “In humans, CBD exhibits no effects indicative of any abuse or dependence potential.” Likewise, CBD oil is commonly used to relieve anxiety and insomnia and may also help manage chronic pain. It is a great, natural supplement to introduce into your diet if you need help managing uneasiness or discomfort.


It is of the absolute most importance to us that we provide safe, clean and healthy ingredients in all of our items. That’s why our new CBD nut milk uses CBD oil from the new Winston Hemp Co Retailer right here in Winston-Salem! They are owned and operated by seasoned cannabis professionals, and provide the highest quality CBD products to the triad area (learn more here)

If you are looking for a natural add in to help relieve some of that daily stress, come try our CBD nut milk. It’s like drinking chocolate milk with a medicinal kick! 😉

We blended almond, filtered water with raw cacao, date, cinnamon, and 80mg of CBD oil and vanilla bean to satisfy that sweet tooth and soothe those nerves.

**Please note that for the best experience we advise (just like for any of our juices/nut milks) that you give the milk a good shake. Because we use real, raw ingredients, separation is normal so its best to vigorously shake the milk before consuming.

Photo: Lindley Battle Photography

Jonathan Roten