The king of... seeds? Why almonds are not a nut:

In culinary terms, calling almonds a nut fits with our general understanding and definition of what a nut is, so we don’t mean to shock your superhuman powers this Saturday we the news we are about to share....

Buuttt if we were going to talk to an expert about this super “nut”, there is some truth that would be revealed:

Almonds are in fact...not a nut.

We were shocked too.

Nuts are classified with a hard shell, but as seen above, almonds have a fleshy component that pivots it away from the nut family. Because of this botanical structure, almonds are actually the seed of the almond fruit. Once ripened, the flesh and shell of the fruit is removed, revealing the small kernel inside. Now that’s a little #FunFact for your weekend.

Along the fascinating structure of almonds, this superfood has become a monarch in regards to nutrition. Thankfully, we can easily get its superpowers nowadays through an array of options: whole almonds, almond flour, and/or almond milk! At VJC, we have mastered the creation of nut milk and we use almonds in a lot of our meals - yes, even our desserts! We are in love with (lets just call it) “The King of Seeds”, so join us as we dive in to learn more about almonds:


Almonds are the seed component of the almond fruit. They are a great source of protein, fiber, healthy fats, vitamins and minerals - specifically containing a great amount of vitamin E! Vitamin E is important in protecting the body from oxidative damage, specifically artery-clogging oxidation of cholesterol, and almonds also have been found to decrease the risk of cancer. This study found that high consumption of almonds significantly decreased the risk of breast cancer. Almonds are an absolute powerhouse as it strengthens both nerves and bones in the body!  


We pride ourselves on our clean, real ingredients here at VJC. That’s why almonds are a staple in many of our menu items. Particularly, almonds are used in our various milks to provide whole body nutrition. Here are a few of our (many) nut milks that we suggest you try today!

  • Moose - almond, filtered water, raw cacao, date, cinnamon, vanilla bean, himalayan salt

    Love chocolate milk? Need a sweet treat after dinner? Then this is the perfect drink for you! The Moose Nut Milk is homemade almond milk blended with raw cacao to provide a plentiful of magnesium for that restful sleep. We sweetened it with real foods such as date and vanilla bean to make this the perfect after dinner beverage.

  • Ellaberry - almond, filtered water, strawberry, date, cinnamon, vanilla bean, himalayan salt

    Does anyone remember the strawberry milk they use to hand out with school lunches? Well, take a trip back to childhood with our Ellaberry nut milk. This strawberry almond milk is an excellent choice if you are craving a thick, fulfilling drink.

  • Blender Blender - almond, filtered water, date, cinnamon, vanilla bean, himalayan salt

    Ah, the classic. Blender Blender is the standard almond milk...VJC edition :)

  • Matcha Milk - almond, filtered water, date, japanese matcha, vanilla bean, himalayan salt

    We talked about the benefits of matcha in this post and you know how much we love this matcha milk! It’s a great alternative to avoid that caffeine crash while ensuring clean energy all day. Snag one next time you check out at the register.

Where else can I get almond’s superpowers at VJC?:

For something sweet:

Our raw vegan cheesecakes of the day

For a reboot:

Coco-Nut Butter Bowl

For A Custom Delight:

Create your own salad/bowl!

For breakfast:

Overnight Oats

For a drink:

Nut milks: Majik Milk, Brain Waves, CBD , Coffee bender, Golden milk

For lunch:

Farmers Daughter

**Ask to add in almonds to any grain/salad bowl, or sub coconut milk in a smoothie/smoothie bowl for almond milk! We also offer almond butter as an add-in or booster for any smoothie/smoothie bowl. We don’t mess around with almonds :)

Photo: Lindley Battle Photography

Jonathan Roten