This fall vegetable is unBEETable

Here at VJC, we think it’s super important to eat seasonally. One of the best parts about fall is that so many delicious AND nutritious veggies are in season, specifically, the root veggies. 

Root vegetables absorb a significant amount of nutrients from the soil, because they grow underground. 

One of our absolute favorites is a gorgeous purpley, earthy, sweet root. 

Behold, the beet! 

Beets seem to beget some pretty mixed opinions- depending on who you ask, beets taste like dirt, or like candy. 

Prepared correctly, we think that beets can add quite a lot to a salad, grain bowl, soup, or even a juice-- beets are widely incorporated into our menu! 

However, flavor aside, beets are chock full of nutritional benefits, and are a great veggie to include in your diet this fall! 

Let’s get down to the root of it!

Beets are high in:

1. Folate, which is essential for DNA synthesis, and can reduce the risk for heart disease.

2. Manganese, which is necessary for your enzymes to function properly, and helps in metabolic processes.

3. Copper, an immune system booster that helps create red blood cells

-another reason that beets are great this time of year! especially with the quick changing of temperatures and the impending flu season, our immune systems need all the help they can get.

Some other added benefits of beets include their anti-inflammatory properties, as well as their fiber content, making these roots great for your digestion and gut health.

But how did they get such a fabulous fuchsia color?

Beets have evolved to contain phytonutrients called betalains, which have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, but also give beets their bright red color. 

Beet pigment is an amazing natural alternative to food dyes and is used in everything from candy, to plant-based burgers, to jellies. 

We’ve got the beet. 

You’ll be able to get your beet fix with our arugula & beet salad, which also features pistachio-dusted goat cheese and roasted carrot vinaigrette.  

You have the option add beets to any salad or grain bowl, or include them as a topping in a build-your-own! 

Beets can also found in our fridge, bottled up in a juice we’ve called whole farm , along with carrot, apple, cucumber, orange, kale, chard, and ginger.


In 19th century Victorian England, women would add a red tint to their hair by using beet juice. 

The world record for biggest beet ever grown is held by a Dutchman- it weighed over 156 pounds!

In Ireland and Scotland, the original jack-o-lanterns were carved on beets, potatoes, or turnips! 

Come on in and get your daily dose of beets at any of our locations.

Whether it be in a fresh-pressed juice, salad, or grain bowl -

you really just can’t beet ‘em.

Photo: Lindley Battle Photography

Author: Rachel Singleton