Raw. Vegan. Dairy-free.

Billy Cakes are plant based goodies for a delicious and healthy craving. Billy Cakes come in a variety of bars, desserts, muffins, breads and cheescakes. Plants have never tasted so sweet!

Meet Billy

Billy Pastry Chef
Pastry Chef
Bill Morris

Pro hockey player turned pastry chef, Bill Morris is the genius behind our tasty Billy Cakes.

Growing up in western Canada, Bill had a front row seat for his mom's baking and took plenty of inspiration from the great flavors at home. Bill's passion for greatness earned him a spot on the Edmonton Oilers and eventually a home in Winston-Salem where he excelled for the Polar Twins as well.

These days, Bill's passion is great baking with healthy ingredients, and it's felt in every Billy Cakes item on our menu. With appreciation for his selfless efforts in bringing these plant-based creations to life, it's only appropriate that these delicious desserts carry his name.

Billy hockey playing cardBilly playing hockeyBilly baking
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