Make your next event healthy and delicious!

Ditch the boring deli sandwiches. Ensure your guests get the best quality ingredients with food they’ll love. From salads to grain bowls, juices, and desserts, we can stock your event with healthy and delicious options.

A photo of customers enjoying Village Juice

Healthy options for everyone

No matter your tastes or diet restrictions, we have something for you. With an expansive menu filled with wraps, toasts, salads, and grain bowls, we can please even the pickiest palate.

Diet restrictions? No problem!

Whether it’s vegan, gluten free, or dairy free, we’ve got your diet restriction covered! What’s more, our options aren’t alternatives or substitutions, they’re unique options made to taste as amazing as they are good for you.

A photo of toasts
A photo of desserts

We even do dessert

Impress and delight your guests with some incredibly, one-of-a-kind healthy (yes, healthy!) Billy Cakes desserts. We promise you won’t believe something so sinfully delicious can be good for you.

Bring healthy and delicious to your next event!

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